Annual Day Celebration of Naval KG And Little Angels of INS Valsura

The Annual Day celebrations of Naval Kindergarten and Little Angels of INS Valsura was conducted on 05 Mar 20. The Annual Day was conducted under the theme ‘Jungle – Live with Nature’. The event commenced with Jungle Book child ‘Mowgli’ welcoming the audience for the event, as children of Little Angels danced to the tunes of welcome song. The children of both the schools danced their blues away swaying to lively music with props such as trees, flowers and bees. All the dance performances viz., Butterfly, Mowgli, Bee, Hunter, Tarzan and village were based on the central theme of Jungle. Hindi and English skits on conservation of nature were also enacted by the children. Cmde Ajay Patney, Commanding Officer, INS Valsura and Mrs Jyoti Patney, President, NWWA, INS Valsura were the Chief Guest for the event. Prizes were awarded to the winners of various competitions. ‘Pehla Kadam’, the annual magazine of Naval KG was also released on the occasion.