As part of Navy Week activities 2018, a naval band concert was conducted on 15 Dec 18 at INS Shivaji, Lonavala. This event was witnessed by personnel of the establishment and residents of Lonavala town. The aim of the event was to showcase the variety of naval band, talent of the Sea Cadet Corps and the trainees of INS Shivaji. The event commenced with INS Shivaji's Sea Cadet Corps performances viz. Hornpipe Dance, Cane Drill and Continuity Drill. Hornpipe Dance, performed by the girl cadets, is a fitness regime for seafarers in the confines to their decks. The young cadets displayed very high energy, discipline, rhythm, coordination and enthusiasm in performing the enchanting dance. The  Cane Drill, performed by the Boy Cadets was a testimony to their spirit, enthusiasm and hard work out. It was followed by a spectacular display of Continuity Drill by the trainees sailors of the establishment.