The Centre of Marine Engineering Technology (CMET), established in 1987, is the largest training department of the establishment and is entrusted with professional training of Marine Engineer Officers and Sailors of the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and friendly foreign Navies. Over the last 31 years, CMET has kept pace with rapidly changing technology and transformed into a well-equipped training centre with state-of-the-art training facilities ranging from live marine engineering equipment to full-fledged Virtual Reality bays. CMET undertakes ab-initio, qualifying, specialist and higher level courses covering wide range of subjects applicable to operation and maintenance of main/auxiliary machinery and associated systems onboard a ship. The department has evolved through the challenging times of changing profiles of marine propulsion and successfully churned out men behind the machines who ensure that our platforms ‘MOVE’ far and wide to fulfil the Blue Water aspirations of Indian Navy. At CMET, the training philosophy is based on total system concept, wherein, frequent changes in marine engineering hardware and multidisciplinary nature of onboard systems have been given prime consideration.

Courses Conducted.

  • Marine Engineering Specialisation Course (MESC) for technical graduate officers.
  • Post Promotion Course for Special Duty ME Officers (SDPPC)(ME).
  • Marine Engineering Acquaintance Course (MEAC) for officers from other Branches.
  • Merged Artificer Apprentice Course (MAAC) for sailors pursuing Diploma in Marine Engineering and Systems.
  • Direct Entry Engineering Mechanic Course (DEME) for sailors training to be Engineering Mechanics.
  • Control Courses for Engine Room Artificers and Engineering Mechanics.
  • PCT Courses for COs / EXOs, Engineer Officers, Electrical Officers and Technical Sailors for various classes of ships.
  • Noise & Vibration Courses for Officers, Sailors and Civilians.

CMET Main Building CMET Main Building Tandon Hall

CMET Main Building