Naval Regimental System

The time-tested traditions of camaraderie and brotherhood in the Armed Forces demand that the welfare of our personnel, their families and dependents is taken care of through the life span of each naval family. In order to create and nurture a system which ensures that even after the departure of our colleagues, their widows and dependents have the Naval system firmly behind them to guide, help and take care of them, the Naval Regimental System (NRS), akin to the Regimental system of the Army, was formally adopted in Dec 2010.

The basic aim of NRS is to make the service responsible to reach out to each and every family after the demise of a naval colleague, immaterial of whether the individual died in harness or after retirement. Besides assisting in completion of all paper work for getting them their entitled dues, efforts are also made to help them tide over their other difficulties as well.

The organisation and the functioning of the Naval Regimental System is as follows: -

  • Chairman

    Controller Personnel Services (CPS) is the Chairman of NRS who is the nodal point at IHQ MoD (Navy) and responsible for overall co-ordination and functioning of NRS.

  • Vice Chairman

    Principal Director Ex-Servicemen Affairs (PDESA) at IHQ MoD (Navy) and CSOs (P&A) at Command level are the Vice Chairman and functional heads to ensure implementation and smooth functioning of NRS.

  • Command Regimental System Officer (CRSO)

    Keeping in view the vast area of responsibility of HQENC and INS India, seven Command Regimental System Officer (CRSO) have been established at Mumbai, Kochi, Visakhapatnam, New Delhi, Kolkata and Andaman & Nicobar Island. The CRSOs function under respective Vice Chairman (Commands) to address issues related to NRS and are responsible for families of deceased naval personnel located in the geographical area earmarked under his jurisdiction.

  • Regimental State Unit

    Major shore establishments have been tasked to look after particular state/states under their jurisdiction. RSUs in consonance with respective CRSOs, are responsible to reach out to each widow/NoK residing in that state.

  • Regimental Coordinating Unit (RCU)

    Minor Naval / NCC units located in various districts function as RCUs and are the first point of contact with the widows/NoKs residing in the geographical area under their jurisdiction.

Organisation Chart

The organisation chart for Command and control of NRS is as appended below: -

View Organisation Chart

Charter of CRSO/RSUs/RCUs

CRSOs, RSUs and RCUs function in close co-ordination with each other. The CRSO and his staff are the prime movers and main executors of the NRS. The RSUs augment the efforts of CRSO for undertaking various tasks including administrative support and deputing personnel to visit the families of deceased personnel. The RCUs are the first point of contact with the family of deceased or retired personnel in their area of responsibility.

NRS Initiatives

Directives to Naval NCC Units

The DG NCC, vide letter 9000/Naval Units/NCC/Plg dated 16 May 11, has directed the naval NCC units to provide support to the naval widows, NOK/dependents in their area of jurisdiction. This organizational set up would go a long way in reaching the naval widows at their doorstep.

Enhanced Interaction with the Rajya/Zila Sainik Boards (RSBs/ZSBS)

Since the setting up of NRS, all CRSOs have been directed to visit and interact with RSBs/ZSBs and work out specific programmes to visit the naval widows and pensioners to solve their pension/education/health/welfare related problems.

NRS Directory

Contact particulars of CRSOs along with information on policy guidelines including generic issues and various `Helplines` and telephone numbers are being disseminated through e-news letter, DESA blog as also through distribution of limited number of New Year Calendars. The NRS directory is appended below and enclosed as a power point attachment.

Reaching Out to Widows

Existing Navy Foundation Charters, Veteran Sailors Forum Charter, RSB/ZSB and Ex-Servicemen Associations are the agencies to reach out to widows and link up with NRS.

Regular visit to RSB/ZSBs are being undertaken by CRSOs towards updation of database. In addition, pension adalats/ESM Mela are also being organized by respective CRSOs to facilitate interaction with widows/ESMs towards resolving of their grievances and appraising the target audience regarding various policy letter of common interest in vogue.

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