Membership Rules

VSF Membership is open to the following category of personnel:-

  • Any person who has served in the Royal Indian Navy, the Indian Navy and the Naval Reserves for more than one year as a sailor and has retired/released under normal course, is solvent, of sound mind and has not been convicted by a Court of Law in a criminal case, shall be eligible to become a member of the Veteran Sailors' Forum.
  • Widows of such personnel, who would otherwise have been eligible, may become honorary members of the Forum.

Categories of Members

There shall be the following categories of members of the Veteran Sailors' Forum: -

  • Life Membership

    Any person who is eligible to become member (as indicated in para 1 above) may become a life member on payment of the subscription as specified from time to time.

  • Honorary Members

    The widow of the deceased naval sailor is entitled to be an honorary member without payment of any subscription. The Governing Council may, at its discretion, invite eminent person for specified period only to become the Honorary member of the Forum. The Honorary member can be invited to any General Body Meeting, but will not have voting rights.

  • Member Institutions

    The Governing Council may at its discretion invite certain institutions as members of the Forum for a specified period only. The basic rationale for Member Institutions would be to draw on the Corporate Social Responsibility towards funding for the Veteran Sailors' Forum and getting courses/training for ex-sailors/widows/NOKs gratis, or at subsidised rates.


The subscription rate of the Forum would be established by the Governing Council and will be reviewed periodically. Initially, the rate of subscription would be as follows:-

  • Hon Lt/Hon SLt/MCPOs/CPOs : Rs 300/-
  • POs and below : Rs 200/-
  • Widows/ Hon Members : Free
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