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Sukanya Class

The Sukanya class patrol vessels are large, offshore patrol craft. Three lead ships were built by Korea Tacoma, now part of Hanjin Group.Vessels of the Sukanya class are named after notable women from Indian epics.The Sukanya class have large hulls, although they are lightly armed since they are utilized primarily for offshore patrol of India's exclusive economic zone. However, they are capable of being heavily armed and upgraded to light frigates should the need arise.

Sukanya Class
Name Pennant No Date of Commission
Sukanya P 50 31 Aug 1989
Subhadra P 51 25 Jan 1990
Suvarna P 52 02 Jun 1990
Savitri P 53 27 Nov 1990
Sharda P 55 27 Oct 1991
Sujata P 56 03 Nov 1993

Saryu Class

Saryu Class
Name Pennant No Date of Commission
Saryu P 54 21 Jan 2013
Sunayna P 57 15 Oct 2013
Sumedha P 58 07 Mar 2014
Sumitra P 59 04 Sep 2014

NOTE:- All Ships are prefixed with letters 'INS' when being referred to by their Indian Navy designated Names

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