Meritorious Service Medal

Meritorious Service Medal


President’s Secretariat Notification No. 19-Pres/57 dated 26 Feb 57 as amended vide 55-Pres/69 dated 18 Sep 69 and Min of Def No. F. 3(15)/ 83/D(ceremonials) dated 17 Aug 1984.

Conditions of Eligibility and Eligible Categories

Awarded on Republic and Independence Day by the respective Chiefs of Staff to selected individuals from the following categories of personnel who have a minimum of 15 years service distinguished by highly good conduct

Army Havildars and Dafadars

Navy Chief Petty Officers, Petty officers and their equivalent in other branches.

Air Force Warrant Officers, Flight Sergeants and Sergeants.

For the purpose of the award only such service as counts for pension and gratuity is taken into consideration.

There shall be fixed establishment for the award of the medal to each service which shall be determined by the Government from time to time. Vacancies in the establishment shall be filled on the death, discharge, deduction in rank of promotion to a Commissioned rank of a recipient or on forfeiture of the medal

Design of the Medal and Riband

Medal Circular in shape, 1.42 inches in diameter and made of standard silver. It shall have embossed on the obverse the State Emblem seven-eighth inches in height with the motto decorative lotus buds along the periphery. On the reverse it shall have the inscriptions “FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE” and within a lotus wreath. The medal shall have scroll pattern swivel fitting one and five-sixteenth inches in width for the riband.

Riband Brown silk, one and a quarter inches in width, edged with white and divided equally by three narrow vertical stripes each one-sixteenth of an inch in red, dark blue and light blue.

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