Major Systems Indigenised

Float and Move Equipment and Systems. Indigenisation of marine and electrical equipment and systems under Float and Move categories is undertaken by DOI at IHQ MoD(N), in partnership with defence PSUs and Indian industry. The spares and components of these systems are handled by the IUs at the Cd HQs under the supervision of Command Indigenisation Committees. Development of multiple indigenous sources is under the charter of the Professional Directorates and hence, they also engage public and private industries for development and selection of indigenous equipment for new construction ships.

Weapons & Sensors (under Fight category). Indigenisation of complete weapons and associated sensor systems is largely coordinated at IHQ MoD(N) by the Directorates of Weapon Equipment (DWE) and Staff Requirements (DSR) through DRDO, DPSU (BEL, BDL, etc) and private industry. Indigenisation of spares and components of these systems is also coordinated by DWE through various field units like Naval Dockyards, Weapon Equipment Depots (WEDs) and Fleet Testing & Tuning Teams (FTTTs). WESEE undertakes indigenous development of hard-to-get systems in the niche domains of very-large real-time embedded systems for combat systems integration on board ships and submarines, Combat Management Systems (CMS) and Data Links for tactical networking and information security products.

9.3 Some of the major equipment and systems developed indigenously are:-

  • Float
    Sl Equipment/ Material
    (i) Hull Construction Materials
    (ii) Hangar Doors and Shutters
    iii) Anchor Capstans / Windlass
    (iv) Davits and Boats/ RIBs
  • Move
    Sl Equipment/ Material
    (i) Steam Turbine
    (ii) Boilers
    (iii) RO Plants
    (iv) Pumps
    (v) HP Air & AC Compressors
    (vi) AC and Ref Plants
    (vii) Stabiliser System
    (viii) GTG Control System
    (ix) GT/GTG Starting Rectifier
    (x) Steering Gear
    (xi) Motors and Power Generation & Distribution Equipment
    (xii) Submarine Batteries
    (xiii) Inertial Navigation System
    (xiv) Echo Sounder
    (xv) DC insulation measuring systems
    (xvi) System Filters
    (xvii) Auxiliary machinery control system
    (xviii) Various types of Valves, Hoses, Sleeves, Auxiliary Blowers
    (xix) Heat Exchangers
  • Fight
    Sl Equipment/ Material
    (i) Electronic Warfare Systems
    (ii) Sonars
    (iii) Gun Fire Control System
    (iv) ASW FCS (IAC)
    (v) Supersonic Missile System
    (vi) AK630 and SRGM
    (vii) Torpedo Tube Launchers
    (viii) Combat Management System
    (ix) Data Link & NCO Equipment
    (x) Weapon Systems Integration

Click here for the complete list of indigenized items by DEE, DME, DWE, 2171 INCATed, IU(W), IU(E), DOI


The key to operational availability of Indian Navy’s fighting platforms is self-reliance. Accordingly, the Navy has setup the Directorate of Indigenisation and various other establishments to achieve this self-reliance in maintaining and supporting Navy’s vital assets through indigenous development. It has been established with the idea that indigenous development would be essential to overcome the existing problem of spiraling import costs of equipment and induction of indigenous systems and all new ships & submarines building projects. It would also be a harbinger of technology enrichment for the Indian Defence Industry, both public and private.

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