Indigenisation Achieved in different categories

A large numbers of equipment/ systems have been successfully developed to garner the gains on account of lower costs. The first of a recently commissioned class of ship has been the most ‘indigenised’ ship with 71 % indigenous equipment under Float, 70 % under Move and 98 % under Fight category on a cost basis (and 88 %, 90 % and 77 %, respectively by numbers).

Some of the recent indigenized equipment under various categories are as under:-

(a) Float: Electro-hydraulic Controls for Bow & Ramp Door and Stern Windlass for Landing Ship Tank (LST) class of ships.

(b) Move : Stabilisers and GTG Control System for SNF class of ships

Analysis of the above indicates that a large share of the high-value systems like main propulsion, electrical power generation, fire control radars, ordinance, gunnery equipment, missiles and torpedoes are still being sourced from abroad. With typical cost a naval platform ranging from about Rs 200 Cr to Rs 10,000 Cr, it is evident that major shares of ship building costs go towards imports of naval equipment and systems.

It can be inferred from the above that the cost of indigenous content is reasonably high in the ‘Float’ category, while the import content in ‘Fight’ category is very high.

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