Incentive for Sports

Sports Scholarship :

(Application as at Appendix K)

Incentive for children who excel in the field of sports and athletics provided as detailed below:-

(a) High Competition Level. This category would include all traditional sports, troop games, track and field events and majority of games and events forming part of Olympic, Asian, Commonwealth games and other reputed international competitions/ tournaments.

(b) Low Competition Level. This category would include games that require costly and specialized infrastructure not normally accessible to all personnel and these games have a comparatively lower level of competition due to fewer participants. Golf, Yachting, Squash, Motor/Bike racing, Car rallies, Equestrian events etc would come under this category.

4. Incentives. The incentives for excellence in sports for the children of serving naval personnel would only be awarded in Junior and Senior categories of competitions.

(a) State Level. - Rs. 10,000/-

(b) National Level - Rs. 30,000/-

(c) International Level - Rs. 50,000/-

5. Admissibility. The award of incentive for these sports would be admissible as under:-

(A) High Competition Level Sports The award of incentive under this level are as under:-

(a) State level

(i) Members of the winners and runners up teams at the state championship and those attained first three positions in individual events like athletics Boxing, Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving and Wrestling etc.

(ii) Those attaining first two positions in the state rural meet and state women sports championship in the team and individual events under the central programme.

(iii) Those attaining positions at competitions in All India Kendriya Vidyalaya meets in team and individual events at applicable for other competitions at state level.

(b) National Level - Selection on the State team for participation in recognised National level tournaments.

(c) International Level - selection on the Indian team for participation at the International meets like Commonwealth, Asian, Olympics games etc.

(B) Low Competition Level Sports. The award of incentive for these sports would be subject to the following:-

(i) State Level. Participants attaining first 3 positions amongst a minimum of 10 competitors.

(ii) National Level. Participants attaining first 6 positions amongst a minimum of 18 competitors.

(iii) International Level. A minimum of seven countries should have participated and selection of participants should be on the National Team on the basis of all India competition or selection trials, conducted by Sports Authority of India/ Sports Authority affiliated to Indian Olympic Association or National Sports Body.

(iv) Inter Club Competitions would not be considered for incentives under this category.

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