Financial Assistance as GRANTS

House Repair (NC):

A sum of Rs 50,000/- for officers and sailors is admissible for house repairs necessitated due to natural catastrophes/calamity subject to the following:

  • House owned by self, spouse or dependent parents.
  • Relief announced by statutory Local/National Civic Body.
  • Central/State order stating type of Calamity and area affected.
  • Application as at Appendix A.

Ph.D/MPhil Grant:(Application at appendix 'L')

A sum of Rs 50,000/- and Rs 20,000/- for PhD/MPhil respectively is payable provided the degree is acquired on their own accord.

Special Equipments:

Financial assistance upto Rs 3,000/- for officers and sailors for purchase of special equipments is provided for self, spouse and dependent children maximum upto 3 times in service tenure.

Scholarship for Special children: (Application at appendix 'P')

Reimbursement upto Rs 5000/- per month is admissible to Naval Personnel for their children pursuing education in special schools on attaining the age of 3 years upto 25 years of age subject to production of disability certificate from appropriate medical authority.

Wheel Chair:

Financial assistance as approved by the Administrators of INBA is provided on merit of each case for purchase of Wheel Chair.

Ex-Gratia Grant to NOK on Death:

In the event of unfortunate death in service, a sum of Rs 30,000/- and Rs 25,000/- for officers and sailors respectively is payable by their respective ship/establishments out of funds provided by INBA being maintained by Commands as Command Benevolent Fund for the purpose.

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