Fleet Maintenance Unit VZG

Fleet Maintenance Unit (VZG)

Historical Background

The Fleet Maintenance Unit, Visakhapatnam, is the Second line maintenance Unit for ships based under Eastern Naval Command. The unit was established in 1970 as Base Maintenance Unit (BMU) for weapon testing and tuning of Petya class of ships. The Technical expertise and associated personnel were inducted in 1975. The civilian personnel for BMU were inducted in 1979. The unit received a fillip by formation of an Operational Work Centre (OWC) with personnel drawn from Naval Dockyard in 1981. In 1989, BMU was brought under the Command and Control of the Flag Officer Commanding, Eastern Fleet. The unit was rechristened as Fleet Maintenance Unit (FMU) on 03 November 1994.


The unit has been setup on the lines of a product layout system, where all types of shop floor defect rectification is carried out under one roof and continuously, when required, which is essential to meet the operational requirements of the ships. The unit primary role is to undertake defect rectification and provide second level maintenance support onboard ships based on capacity and capability of the unit both using in-house manpower and through trade using concluded Repair rate Contracts / Annual Maintenance Contracts.

FMU Teams on Job

FMU Teams on Job

The unit is also the nodal agency for repairs on all types of boats, OBMs, Submersible and Non Submersible NBCD pumps, SACU / SMART F repairs and also undertakes Noise Ranging of Ships. In addition this unit operates and maintains the Remote Control Target Boat and Halon Recovery and Reclamation Facility held with the Command. This unit also maintains the Containerized Operational Repair Facilities (ORFAC) and deploys the same with trained personnel onboard ships during long deployments. Various repair / testing / support facilities like PCB Lab, POL Lab, Battery Commissioning and Charging Facility are maintained by the unit and are available for use by ships. The unit also maintains Volna Tower used for alignment of Volna systems fitted onboard SNF class of ships. The unit undertakes Indigenization of critical items required for the Fleet ships under the ageis of IU(East). So far the unit has been successful in completing indigenization of 7 items whilst 13 more cases are in the pipeline

Major Achievements

FMU (V) has widened its gamut of operations by venturing into new areas where services hither to were not available in the Command. The unit has matured into a credible second line maintenance provider and has undertaken around 35 % RA serials raised by ships since last year. AIAMCs for all COTS radars, telephone exchanges, INMARSAT ‘B’ and ‘C’ terminals and ship’s husbandry tools of Fleet ships have been concluded by the unit. The operational workload of this unit has grown over the years, both in type and number of ships.

Following major repairs have been undertaken by the unit in the recent times : -

  • Repairs on GRP hull and rubber collars pertaining to RIBs of Sukanya, Ranvir, Ranjit, Savitri, Krishna, Kozhikode, Kuthar, Khukri, Kora, Koswari, Cannanore and Coradivh were undertaken by the unit.
  • Pressure testing and repairs on fuel tank of 13 Boats.
  • Major modifications on the RIB of INS Karwar towards conversion of pasting type collar to screw type collar.
  • Manufacturing and fitment of 02 AIS antenna bases onboard ship INS Konkan and Nirupak.
  • Major GRP and wooden repairs carried out on the hull of VIPER boat of NOIC (AP) prior to painting.
  • Defect Rectification of Port RIB and MOH of Stbd RIB engine was undertaken as part of Refit package in Jul 11.

AIS antenna onboard INS Konkan

AIS antenna onboard INS Konkan

Projects & Contracts

RRCs / AMCs / AIAMCs. The unit operates over 38 RRCs and 32 AIAMC / AMC contracts for a variety of equipment for the ships.

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