Directorate of Naval Design (Submarine Design Group)


DND (SDG) is a premier organisation of the Indian Navy and the only one in the country for design of submarines and submersibles. The core competencies of the organisation are the design of state-of-the-art underwater platforms and comprehensive end to end design support during project execution. Support for indigenous development of equipment and submarine systems is another thrust area towards realising the overarching strategic goals of the Indian Navy.

Through its participation in various submarine programmes, the organization has acquired capabilities to undertake platform design of all types of submarines. It has a unique knowledge base, advanced design tools as well as a competent and motivated design team comprising of uniformed personnel, civilian officers and staff from naval architecture, engineering and electrical specialisations. The Directorate is organized in functional groups such as hull structures, engineering / electrical systems, weapons & sensors, propulsion systems, configuration control, materials, etc. to nurture vertical specialization and acquire in-depth knowledge in respective areas for all classes of submarines.

  • The activities undertaken by the organisation are: -
  • Platform design of underwater vessels- From Concept design to Detailed design
  • Support for indigenous development of submarine systems and equipment
  • Comprehensive design support for project execution
  • Design support for modernization of operational submarines
Directorate of Naval Design
Platform Design Indigenization support Design Support for project execution Design Support for Operational Submarines
Submarines are one of the most complex engineering platforms requiring integration of numerous technologically advanced systems in a constrained space. DND (SDG) is the only organisation in the country having expertise in submarine design. One of the biggest challenges in indigenous submarine building programs is development of systems and equipments meeting demanding performance criteria for underwater operations, since very few Commercially off The Shelf (COTS) technology/ products can be inducted for submarine applications. Submarine construction poses the toughest engineering challenge to the yard because of stringent tolerances. The activity gets more daunting while outfitting a maze of equipment and routing miles of cabling and piping in an extremely congested compartment. Mid-Life Upgradation (MLU) of operational submarines is undertaken during medium refits to improve the potency of the platform and to induct latest technology equipment.
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