2016 - Year of the Civilian Personnel

Year of the Civilian (YOTC)

2016 has been declared as “Year of the Civilian (YOTC)”. Following have been identified as focus areas:-

  • Operationalisation of Naval Civilian Pay Office (NCPO).
  • Implement Swasth Naukarmik Abhiyan.
  • Procurement/ installation/ commissioning of Naval Civilian Management Information System (NCMIS).
  • Max Training To Max Employees and adherence to ATP.
  • Augment and provision for living accommodation.
  • Timely conduct of DPC by adherence to DPC calendar.
  • Promote work life balance through conduct of sports/ adventure activities.
  • Faster recruitment and reduction in shortages through revitalised recruitment strategy.
  • Higher employees satisfaction through proactive to terminal benefits, processing timely disbursal of pension and terminal benifits.
  • Approval of Cadre Review and Recruitment Rules.
  • Institutionalise Personnel Management through effective divisional system.
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