Title Start Datesort descending End Date Tender Document
RFP for Modernisation of Material Organisation, Goa on 'Turnkey' Basis 19/12/2017 19/03/2018 RFP First PartRFP First Part(38671.4KB)
RFP Second PartRFP Second Part(37335.07KB)
Pre Bid QueriesPre Bid Queries(94.91KB)
Tender for Repair/ Cleaning of Septic Tanks, Sewage Lines, Manholes, Cover Slabs, Drains etc under DGNP(V), Visakhapatnam 21/12/2017 10/01/2018 Notice Inviting TenderNotice Inviting Tender(110.81KB)
Tender for Repair/ Resurfacing of Certain Roads Under DGNP(V), Visakhapatnam 21/12/2017 10/01/2018 Notice Inviting TenderNotice Inviting Tender(111.63KB)
RFP for Procurement of Electronic Components and Associated Hardware at WESEE, New Delhi 22/12/2017 10/01/2018 RFPRFP(10058.33KB)
RFP for Annual Contract for Supply of Bread White at INS India at New Delhi for the period from 04 Mar 18 to 03 Mar 19 26/12/2017 16/01/2018 RFPRFP(279.6KB)
RFP for Procurement of Add on Modules of LDRA Software Testing Tool Suite 28/12/2017 16/01/2018 RFPRFP(693.91KB)
RFI for Procurement of Expendable Underwater Mine Disposal System (EUMDS), New Delhi 29/12/2017 10/02/2018 RFIRFI(396.51KB)
RFI for Procurement of Night Vision Helmet Mounted, New Delhi 29/12/2017 05/02/2018 RFIRFI(147.52KB)
RFP for Hiring of Data Entry Operators (Graduates) at INS India, New Delhi 29/12/2017 12/01/2018 RFPRFP(153.6KB)
RFP for Annual Maintenance Conctract of Split, Duct, Cassette and Window Air Conditioner at WESEE, New Delhi 29/12/2017 17/01/2018 RFPRFP(675.97KB)
Tender for Repairs/Renewals of Certain Wooden/Steel Furniture Under DGNP Visakhapatnam 29/12/2017 17/01/2018 Tender NoticeTender Notice(121.51KB)
Accord of AON for Preparation of DPR and Consultancy for Naval Aviation Management System(NAMS) 04/01/2018 01/02/2018 AONAON(197.62KB)
Tender for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of M-15 Test Stands and Associated Support Equipment and Services at Various Locations at Eksila 04/01/2018 05/02/2018 RFPRFP(2754.81KB)
Expression of Interest (EoI) for Procurement of Ship Installed Radiac Syatem SIRS for Indian Navy 05/01/2018 26/01/2018 RFIRFI(287.66KB)
RFI for Construction of Six Next Generation Offshore Patrol Vessels (NGOPVs) for Indian Navy 09/01/2018 19/02/2018 RFIRFI(286.16KB)
Mandatory InformationMandatory Information(7.11KB)
RFP for Modernisation/ Augmentation of facilities at Naval Dockyards and Naval Ship Repair Yards 09/01/2018 28/05/2018 RFPRFP(48276.49KB)
Pre Bid Queries ReplyPre Bid Queries Reply(760KB)
Amendment to Bid Submission and Opening DateAmendment to Bid Submission and Opening Date(190.61KB)
Supply Installation Test and Handover at site of following equipment integrated gyroscope theodolite north seeker with provision of three axis coordinate measurement and digital theodolite with provision of auto collimation for upgradation of periscope 10/01/2018 12/02/2018 RFPRFP(2896.55KB)
RFP for Procurement of Proteus Software for CSI Lab 12/01/2018 01/02/2018 RFPRFP(9584.99KB)
Supply, Testing and Handover at Site of Steel Parallel Bars of Various Sizes with Accuracy 100 Microns” for Up-Gradation of Periscope Repair Bay at Weapon Department at ND (V) 12/01/2018 01/02/2018 RFPRFP(163.39KB)
Tender for "Repair/Resurfacing of Certain Roads Under DGNP(V) 12/01/2018 24/01/2018 RENIT.pdfRENIT.pdf(6621.04KB)


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