Title Start Datesort descending End Date Tender Document
RFP for Contract for Supply of Meat Products (Meat, Fish & Fowl ‘d’) to INS India at New Delhi for One Year 27/02/2018 21/03/2018 RFPRFP(306.72KB)
Invitation of Bids for Conduct of Interperetership Course of One Year (700 hour) duration for Naval Personnel in Thai Language 28/02/2018 27/03/2018 RFPRFP(134.1KB)
RFP for Procurement of Electronic Components and Associated Hardware for CSI Lab 28/02/2018 22/03/2018 RFPRFP(9354.68KB)
Application for Empanelment of Transport Companies at New Delhi for Transportation of House Hold Baggage/ Personal Vehicles of Service Personnel from New Delhi to all over India including Portblair and Lakshadeep Islands 01/03/2018 12/03/2018 ProformaProforma(38.72KB)
RFI for Procurement of Containerised Small Arm Firing Range (CSAFR) 05/03/2018 30/04/2018 RFIRFI(6814.16KB)
RFP for Hiring of Casual Labours at INS India 05/03/2018 20/03/2018 RFPRFP(156.61KB)
RFP for Hiring of Security Contract for CRSOs Office at the Sahara Widows Hostel, Vasantkunj 05/03/2018 16/03/2018 RFPRFP(246.43KB)
Invitation of Quotation for Hiring of 14 Data Entry Operators (Matriculate) for DLS of Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Navy) at Sena Bhawan,New Delhi 06/03/2018 19/03/2018 RFPRFP(461.66KB)
RFP for Procurement of IT Hardware 07/03/2018 21/03/2018 RFPRFP(7074.63KB)
Accord of AoN for Land Based Training Facility (LBTF) for Integrated Platform Management System 08/03/2018 28/03/2018 RFIRFI(280.09KB)
RFP for Procurement of Toner and Printer Cartridges by WESEE, West Block-V, RK Puram, New Delhi - 110 066 12/03/2018 05/04/2018 RFPRFP(7663.04KB)
Tender Enquiry for Procurement of Skydiving Equipments 15/03/2018 04/04/2018 TenderTender(59.45KB)
RFP for Renewal of Software Subscription and product support of Opensplice DDS Midleware Suite for fixed version 6.6.4 15/03/2018 04/04/2018 RFPRFP(29715.4KB)
RFP for Procurement of One Customised Rack Server Along with Warranty and Support for A Period of 36 Months 16/03/2018 04/04/2018 RFPRFP(10841.2KB)
RFP for Pick & Carry Crane 16/03/2018 20/04/2018 RFPRFP(300.99KB)
RFP for Provision of Fume Extraction Systems for Infrastructure Development of OWC at ND (V) 16/03/2018 14/04/2018 RFPRFP(2749.25KB)
RFP for Comprehensive Service Maintenance Contract (CSMC) of Multifunction Copier Machines 19/03/2018 28/03/2018 RFPRFP(11595.43KB)
RFP for Bread White 20/03/2018 03/04/2018 RFPRFP(489.45KB)
RFP for Supply and Installation of Universal Valve Test Bench for Infrastructure Development of OWC at Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam 22/03/2018 20/04/2018 RFPRFP(2796.11KB)
RFP for Design and Development of Customized Hardened Linux based OS for Sanchar 2.0 26/03/2018 04/04/2018 RFPRFP(2421.86KB)


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