Title Start Datesort ascending End Date Tender Document
Tender for Renovation and Augmentation of Chemical Bay at INS Eksila 20/08/2019 01/10/2019 NITNIT(142.89KB)
RFP for Invitation of bids for consultancy services for 02 days for CMMI version 2.0 18/08/2019 18/09/2019 RFPRFP(8575.29KB)
RFP for Procurement of FPGA Boards 13/08/2019 05/09/2019 RFPRFP(9099.13KB)
RFP for Procurement of Dual MPU rack having two Xeon D Processors with independent VPX back planes 05/08/2019 04/09/2019 RFPRFP(9532.01KB)
RFI for Supply of Liferafts 31/07/2019 28/08/2019 RFIRFI(3307.2KB)
RFP for Local Purchase of Drugs and Consumable Medical Stores Including Laboratory, Radiology & Dental Consumable Stores 26/07/2019 31/07/2019 RFPRFP(5215.89KB)
RFP for Hiring of Pest Control Services at INS India 18/07/2019 02/08/2019 RFPRFP(407.07KB)
Scope of WorkScope of Work(328.99KB)
Tender for Maintenance Dredging of Naval Berths at Jetty ‘X’in Naval Area at Visakhapatnam 17/07/2019 24/08/2019 NITNIT(126.44KB)
RFP for Hiring of Conservancy Services for Offices Located at 'D' Wing, Sena Bhawan, IHQ-MoD (Navy), New Delhi 16/07/2019 05/08/2019 RFPRFP(15256.45KB)
RFI for Supply of Manual Desalinators 10/07/2019 14/08/2019 RFIRFI(5292.87KB)
RFP for Sea Transportation of Submarine From Mumbai (INDIA) to Severodvinsk (RUSSIA) on a Sea Lift Vessel 09/07/2019 06/08/2019 RFPRFP(155.47KB)
RFP for AIS SPLITTER 09/07/2019 01/08/2019 RFPRFP(8557.04KB)
RFQ for Design and Construction of Residential Buildings Towers Township Hospital Augmentation and Related Common Facilities Trunk Infrastructure and Utilities Through Design-Build Works Contract (DB-02) at Karwar 02/07/2019 21/09/2019 RFQRFQ(42545.17KB)
Addendum 1Addendum 1(91.94KB)
Annexure-01 of AddendumAnnexure-01 of Addendum(112.79KB)
Employer's ResponseEmployer's Response(210.56KB)
Addendum 2Addendum 2(200.07KB)
Addendum 3Addendum 3(254.12KB)
REOI for P75 (I) - for Strategic Partner 20/06/2019 11/09/2019 REOIREOI(1292.63KB)
Corrigendum 1Corrigendum 1(2040.73KB)
Corrigendum 2Corrigendum 2(200.43KB)
NIT for Selection of Consultant for Design including Construction Supervision of Naval Air Station, Karwar of Project Seabird Phase-IIA 17/06/2019 31/07/2019 NITNIT(3140.2KB)
Corrigendum 1Corrigendum 1(197.21KB)
EoI iro 5th Make-II Project "Expendable Underwater Target" 14/06/2019 26/07/2019 EOIEOI(17757.05KB)
RFP for Upgradation of Generic Component based Development Framework (GCF) 12/06/2019 03/07/2019 RFPRFP(7722.29KB)
RFP for Invitation of bids for Rate Contract for hiring of transport 10/06/2019 11/07/2019 RFPRFP(37743.78KB)
RFP for Services of contractor through contract labourers at URC, INS India 01/06/2019 06/06/2019 RFPRFP(2294.17KB)
RFP for Procurement of Backup Software License for 03 years with Standard Capacity of 1TB 30/05/2019 19/06/2019 RFPRFP(13104.95KB)


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