Arogya : Health: The Ultimate Wealth

A healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy spirit is the motto of this group. Regular visits to family, paediatric, oncology and haematology wards in naval hospitals are made to ensure patients’ comfort and care as well as to spread a message of solidarity and cheer among the naval family members. In collaboration with the medical department, talks, seminars and discussions are organized to address various health issues. Medical camps for detection and cure of diseases are organized regularly in all the regions. Walkathons for noble causes such as AIDS and Cancer awareness are also organized.

Prerna : Inspiration to Overcome

It is a tri-services group that lends a helping hand at the oncology wards and provides moral support to patients at hospitals in different regions.

Professional Counselling : Healing Touch

Professional counsellors are appointed by NWWA to ensure professional and timely help to all families. Confidentiality is maintained and families are encouraged to use this facility to help them cope with a wide variety of issues including marital problems, parenting issues, learning disorders, coping with stress etc.