INHS Kalyani

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4. Patient Services

Annual Inspection 2010
Release of Kalyani Calling by FOCINC East
(A) OPD Services

  • No of OPDs-14
  • INHS Kalyani OPD Timings 0730-1330 on all Working Days
OPD Days Offers, Sailors, Ex-Service Men, Dependents
Medicine All Days DO
Cardiology All Days(Except Wed: Procedure Day) DO
Nephrology Thursday(1000 to 1330 Hon Consultant) DO
Surgery All Days DO
Oncology All Days (By Appointment) DO
Orthopaedic Thursday & Saturday (Hon Consultant) DO
Gynaecology Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat (Tue, Thu: OT days) DO
Paediatrics All Days DO
ENT Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat (Wed, Fri : OT days) DO
Ophthalmology Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat (Tue, Thu: OT days) DO
Dermatology All Days (Except Tue: Procedure Day) DO
Psychiatry All Days DO
Anaesthesia All Days(1000-1200) DO
Dental All Days DO
Blood Collection All Days(0730-1030) DO